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Before you leave, your OB hands you a pre-natal book and informs you of your next pre-natal visit. The pre-natal book contains instructions which are reminders for your compliance. Together with the hubby you leave your OB’s clinic and you look forward to coming back for your follow up check up until it is time for baby to be born.

Regular once-a-year appointments are important: It’s very …

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Pain in the reproductive area is a warning sign of many different ailments. So if you notice any type of pain, whether it is major or minor, you need to see a doctor. This way, you won’t ignore a potentially serious problem. Having sharp pains during your period is also a bad sign for some women. If you have periods that make you bleed heavily as well …

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Pelvic reconstructive surgery is a common treatment considered in women with urinary incontinence or prolapse of pelvic organs due to pregnancy or childbirth. Stress incontinence is a common form of urine leakage in women with weak pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises are a non-invasive form of treatment that may provide good long-term results. Other options include pessary or sling implantation.

If you’ve never been to the …

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Want to have a baby

If you and your partner really want to have a baby fast, it’s best to talk with a medical professional to see how you can speed up the process. This physician can help you track your ovulation days and suggest kits or other devices to help you improve your chances of conception. In addition, he or she can tell you whether or …

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There’s nothing like the feeling of trying to have a baby and then seeing a positive sign on the test. Many times, women simply cannot believe that they’re pregnant. That’s why it’s good to go see a reproductive professional as soon as you can. This way, you can confirm your pregnancy and set you mind at ease. Sometimes, women get what’s known as false positive. To stop …