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What would you expect during your very first visit to an Obstetrician (OB)? When you reach the OB’s clinic the receptionist will make a new record for you where she records the details of your identification.

When you have a shortlist of obstetricians, call them up and make an appointment to speak to them, The better obstetricians will be used to being interviewed, as it is likely …

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The best time to choose an obstetrician is when the decision to get pregnant is made. This way you can do the work necessary to find the best obstetrician, before the pregnancy test shows a positive result, as ideally you want to be comfortable with your obstetrician at this stage and don’t want your raging hormones influencing any decisions.

After all, whenever you have any questions or …

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If you and your partner really want to have a baby fast, it’s best to talk with a medical professional to see how you can speed up the process. This physician can help you track your ovulation days and suggest kits or other devices to help you improve your chances of conception. In addition, he or she can tell you whether or not everything’s okay with your …

2018 Female OBGYN in Antioch TN

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Family planning is a field of medicine that assists women and couples with contraception education and preparation for abortion or pregnancy termination. This field may be considered controversial in many states but is an important part of female medicine. Neglecting to offer this aspect of female medical care may undermine a woman’s efforts to take care of her body and drive her to seek illegal or unsafe …

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So when you enter the obstetrician’s office, come with a list of questions and your criteria. The more ticks on the criteria list and questions answered satisfactorily the better.

After narrowing your choices down to a few doctors, make your decision based on how comfortable you are with your doctor. Gynecologists may either be male or female, it is your choice and there should be no reason …