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An incompetent one can not only cause the experience to be bumpier but can be seriously detrimental as well. The GYN portion of the title refers to gynecologist. A gynecologist is truly a female’s most intimate doctor. This MD performs preventative examinations, diagnoses diseases which pertain to a woman’s reproductive system and genitalia. If medications and treatment plans in these regions are necessary, this is the doc …

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You and your partner try month after month with no success. You’re not worried yet because it has only been a few months. More than six months pass and you still are not pregnant. You start to become a little flustered. What do you do now? If you are under the age of 35, most doctors will tell you to try another six months before you consider …

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It would be best to bring your husband to every pre-natal visit so that he would know how to care for you and your baby. After all it is both your baby so you are both given the task to be aware on how to go about the steps of pregnancy, childbirth and the post partum period.

You are so sure that the stork would visit you. …

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Instead of their figure you also need to consider the best obstetrician from their clinic or the place that they hold their examination. Do not push yourself by choosing certain doctor with a well-known reputation, but practice place or clinic is very far from the place where you live. In addition to hassle your routine check up, you will be bothered when it arrived during the birth …

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Ask friends and family for their feedbacks and opinions on whether to opt for a male of female doctor. Do what is the most comfortable to you after considering their opinions.

One of the best resources to use when choosing a new OBGYN is your group of friends, or even family members. Most women you know likely have one that they see at least annually, and …