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How should a patient prepare for her annual exam? The ideal time for this regular check up is mid-menstrual cycle. Two weeks before and two weeks after a period is the optimum time frame. It is best to empty one’s bladder before an examination, as well. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for twenty-four hours before the appointment. Vaginal douching should be avoided, as well, as this creates …

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There is a prevalence of cancer in the US in all forms. Cancers that require a visit to a gynecologic oncologist affect many women every year. Great strides have been made in the treatment options, but early detection is of critical importance. Malignancies are diagnosed in stages. A Stage I diagnosis that has not spread to any other part of the body is much easier to resolve …

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Your first reaction finding out that you are pregnant is probably to instantly make an appointment with the OB-GYN, and many women are surprised to find out that the first appointment will not be until possibly week eight of the pregnancy. The first appointment is mainly for your doctor to gain information about you and your health history, and typical insurance providers will not cover prenatal appointments …

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Concerned with the care and consultation for patients with complications during pregnancy

Maternal / Fetal Medicine

Requires knowledge of obstetrics, medical and surgical complications for the mother and fetus, the current methods of diagnosis and treatment, adaptation and neonatal

Between Exams: Going to see the gynecologist once a year is not all a woman has to do in order to take care of herself and her reproductive …

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Physicians around the world must undergo a significant amount of training to become this type of doctor. OB GYN students must get their undergraduate four year degree followed by an additional four year degree at medical school. After this, they must undertake another four years of residency to train in their chosen field. It is not uncommon for the surgeon to then enroll in a further program …