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Another aspect you could consider is whether this ob-gyn practices within a group of health professionals or not. Most women prefer this because say your doctor is unavailable for any reason then there are other doctors to oversee your case. Say your ob-gyn is on vacation and your labour starts it could be an issue. Many women prefer the care of a private ob-gyn due to the …

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If you have insurance, you can look up the doctors closest to you on your provider’s website. You can usually type in the kind of physician you need, as well as your address, and then receive a list and map of those close to you. This can give you an idea of the doctors near you, but you will not know much about the quality of OBGYN …

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During the consultation, you can ask your OB any question such as your diet or any clarifications on any superstitions you may have believed in. That way you may not be harming your baby and yourself unconsciously. Your OB will give you advices regarding what to expect. You have to tell her any symptoms you are experiencing that can be physical, emotional or psychological.

There are four …

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Gynecologists are specialists who have more technical and medicinal knowledge than your general practitioner and can offer faster diagnose any potential problems which can save you a lot of time and headache. Another decision that will affect your decision will be whether you want to go with a female or a male gynecologist.

Most of the time women prefer female obstetricians due to religious issues. Jewish, Muslims …

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The path to becoming an OB/GYN can start as early as high school for students who already know their chosen profession. At this point they can begin to take additional science based classes that will prepare them to be accepted to a Pre-Medical program at a College or University. During the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree the student will continue to study heavily in the sciences …