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Reproductive endocrinologists assist patients with understanding, diagnosing, treating, or dealing with infertility. While there are many biological, congenital and anatomical causes of infertility, diagnosis and treatment focuses on interventions that can assist couples in becoming pregnant. A physician will run a series of tests on a woman and her partner to narrow down the source of the infertility and make a set of recommendations based on the …

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Ask a friend of your age for recommendations and it would do you good to take their advice seriously especially if they have children and an ob-gyn comes highly recommended from them.

A good option is to ask your primary care physician to suggest a name as they will definitely recommend a good name even if he/she is a part of the network. Ask the reasons behind …

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Another aspect you could consider is whether this ob-gyn practices within a group of health professionals or not. Most women prefer this because say your doctor is unavailable for any reason then there are other doctors to oversee your case. Say your ob-gyn is on vacation and your labour starts it could be an issue. Many women prefer the care of a private ob-gyn due to the …

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Unborn babies are unlikely to arrive on schedule, or necessarily within practice opening hours! It could be that your chosen obstetrician will send another doctor out if you call after hours. If you want to stick with the same obstetrician right through to childbirth (as many women do because they find it a great comfort), it is worth seeking out a smaller practice, where your chosen obstetrician …

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Pelvic reconstructive surgery is a common treatment considered in women with urinary incontinence or prolapse of pelvic organs due to pregnancy or childbirth. Stress incontinence is a common form of urine leakage in women with weak pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises are a non-invasive form of treatment that may provide good long-term results. Other options include pessary or sling implantation.

They might think theirs is great, …