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If you’re expecting, your doctor ob gyn becomes even more important. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll attend check ups to monitor your baby’s growth and development. Your physician will perform sonograms, check your vital signs, and monitor your baby’s heart rate. When it is time to deliver, your physician will likely attend your delivery. If a cesarean section becomes necessary, he or she will be your surgeon.

Pregnancy …

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But there are many women who have no preference on this issue. They just go to ob gyn doctors – it may be male or female. Their argument is that as long as the ob gyn doctor is excellent in his job and can empathize towards his patient it does not matter. It is not necessary for a doctor to understand your feelings. But, it is found …

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Initial consultation: Making an appointment to personally meet and interview an OBGYN will be a great way to make the final decision. It’s helpful to make a list of questions about philosophies, fees and practices before this appointment to stay on track during this meeting. Listening to the answers plus gauging the chemistry between the doctor and yourself is a wonderful way to decide if this is …

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What ages should teen girls begin to visit their GYN? Beginning at age eighteen, females should begin to have annual examinations by this specialist, sooner if they are sexually active. Every year, an annual exam should be performed that entails a pelvic exam and a pap test.

It maybe that your particular gynecologist does not deliver babies, but you can ask them for a referral. It is …

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On the flip side, if you definitely don’t plan to have additional children, you might want to select a physician whose practice is limited to gynecology so that you won’t have to compete for appointments with timeslots that are taken up delivering babies.

The next step is to find reviews and recommendations about each OBGYN. You can look online to find out what others in your area …