2018 Female OBGYN in Allenton MO

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Ask friends and family for their feedbacks and opinions on whether to opt for a male of female doctor. Do what is the most comfortable to you after considering their opinions.

If you need a specialist for an annual exam, you are probably looking for a local gynecologist. Clearly, you will want a good one since many women dread going to this type of doctor, whether regularly …

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Many women hear about the symptoms of various forms of gynecological cancers and fear being told they have it so much that they will not seek treatment until symptoms become unbearable. The five major gynecological cancers are vulvar, vaginal, cervical, uterine and ovarian. They are listed in order of anatomy and not prevalence. In times past, when information may have been scarce, one could have used the …

2018 Female OBGYN in Chesterfield MO

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Maternal / Fetal Medicine

Requires knowledge of obstetrics, medical and surgical complications for the mother and fetus, the current methods of diagnosis and treatment, adaptation and neonatal

Concerned with the care and consultation for patients with complications during pregnancy

Another great way to find a good gynecologist near you is to ask friends and family members. Any women you know likely go to one about once a …

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He will also do a general pelvic exam to check the health of the reproductive organs and look for any troubling signs. During the visit, the doctor will also ask questions about how you have been feeling, and encourage you to bring up any concerns you might have.

After narrowing your choices down to a few doctors, make your decision based on how comfortable you are with …

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After the physical and laboratory examinations your OB would make the diagnosis, informs you about it then proceeds to prescribe your medications. Usually you are to take iron supplements together with folic acid. Tetanus toxoid vaccination would be given during the fourth or fifth month of your pregnancy. Another dose would be given after a month’s interval. He/she then dispenses advice on your diet, activity and hygiene. …