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Between Exams: Going to see the gynecologist once a year is not all a woman has to do in order to take care of herself and her reproductive organs. If you get your exam once a year, that’s great, but between exams you need to, of course, try to take care of yourself in all the basic ways, and pay attention to your body.

Getting the best …

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Most women visit a gynecologist doctor annually for a physical exam and overall checkup. This appointment screens for diseases like breast and cervical cancer. These doctors also oversee birth control prescriptions and reproductive health, with the obstetrician aspect taking over when pregnancy is achieved and childbirth nears. While a general practitioner can perform these tasks, the personal nature of the testing and the sensitive areas of the …

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An incompetent one can not only cause the experience to be bumpier but can be seriously detrimental as well. The GYN portion of the title refers to gynecologist. A gynecologist is truly a female’s most intimate doctor. This MD performs preventative examinations, diagnoses diseases which pertain to a woman’s reproductive system and genitalia. If medications and treatment plans in these regions are necessary, this is the doc …

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First of all, you should schedule your appointment either a week before or after your menstrual period, since any blood in the area can prohibit the doctor from performing an accurate exam. Also, you should create a list of questions or concerns you have, if any at all. If you have none, you can consider going over answers to common questions that you will likely be asked. …

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When going it alone, you run the risk of your newborn having health complications, due to inadequate prenatal care. Your obstetrician will care for you from day one, and help answer all your questions and concerns.

The term “OBGYN” is an abbreviation referring to the medical specialties of obstetrics and gynecology. Obstetrics is the field of medicine that trains physicians to take care of pregnant patients and …