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So when you enter the obstetrician’s office, come with a list of questions and your criteria. The more ticks on the criteria list and questions answered satisfactorily the better.

After the physical and laboratory examinations your OB would make the diagnosis, informs you about it then proceeds to prescribe your medications. Usually you are to take iron supplements together with folic acid. Tetanus toxoid vaccination would be …

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After completing medical school the graduate must pass the licensure exam from the National Board of Medical Examiners and then unlike most medical graduates who are only required to complete internships for a year, graduates who wish to pursue a career as an OBGYN are required to do a 3 year hospital residency.

You and your partner try month after month with no success. You’re not …

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The next step in choosing the best obstetrician for you, is looking at their experience and credentials. For example, if you are a mother over the age of 40, you would like an obstetrician who has experience of dealing with older mothers and the different issues they might encounter, or if it is your first pregnancy you might have 100 questions that need answering – you’ll want …

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To make sure your reproductive area stays healthy, you should get an exam each year from your gynecologist. This exam can also include a breast exam. All these procedures are necessary to help in early detection of any issues such as cancer. Best of all, it usually doesn’t take long and if everything’s fine, most women do not have to go back until the following year.

Need …

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You need to decide whether you want a male or a female doctor. Most women are not comfortable with a male doctor even if they have female chaperones. It is very important that you feel comfortable during the examinations and the queries and concerns that you face as a woman.
Do you want a Male or Female Gynecologist?

Using Internet information should not lead to either …