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If the last thing you want to do is get pregnant, you need to protect yourself. In addition to condoms, many women seek the pill from a gynecologist doctor to ensure that they do not get pregnant. Your physician will determine the right pills and dosage for you so you can feel confident that you will not conceive until you and your partner are ready.
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Some obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound exams are performed transabdominally, in which the female patient’s full bladder acts as an acoustic window to better visualize large lesions of the pelvic organs. Other exams are performed transvaginally with a transducer specially designed for this task which offers better resolution of the endometrium, ovaries and uterus due to higher frequency imaging. Being able to perform or assist with these procedures …

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What else should a patient bring to her annual physical? It’s a wise idea to have a calendar of monthly cycles and a list of questions to ask during the appointment. Many times patients have good intentions of asking certain questions but get flustered during the appointment and forget what they were. A prepared list of queries is always a good idea.

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If you’re a woman of child bearing age, it’s essential that you see a doctor ob gyn regularly. These doctors specialize in women’s health issues. Your obstetrician or gynecologist will help you manage your reproductive health, birth control, and help you prepare for getting pregnant and birthing a child. Neglecting female health care can have long lasting repercussions, so it’s crucial that you educate yourself about what …

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An OBGYN is a medical doctor who specializes in both the practice of obstetrics and gynecology. Obstetrics is the medical practice of caring for pregnant women and their babies and Gynecology is the medical practice of diagnosing and treating issues with the female reproductive system, hence the abbreviation OB/GYN.

Female Physicians maybe more gentle when they are examining. If a female gynecologist has experienced the uncomfortable nature …