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After completing medical school the graduate must pass the licensure exam from the National Board of Medical Examiners and then unlike most medical graduates who are only required to complete internships for a year, graduates who wish to pursue a career as an OBGYN are required to do a 3 year hospital residency.

However, even if you find a few by you, there is no guarantee that …

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A gynecologist doctor is a specialist who takes care of women’s reproductive health from adolescence through old age. While some women choose to have their gynecological health tended to by their general practitioner, others prefer a specialist with a depth of knowledge about female health needs.

What’s the difference between a gynecologist and an OB-GYN? The OB of the latter practitioner stands for obstetrician. An obstetrician is …

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As soon as you become pregnant, it is time to seek out an appointment with a gynecologist doctor. They can begin with confirming the pregnancy and setting up a series of appointments for your care during this time. All tests, including sonograms, will either be taken care of by this MD, or be arranged by them. As the day draws closer, you will see him or her …

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There are more than a few medical specialties out there and it can be difficult for the layman to keep track of what each of them mean for each different doctor. OB GYN physicians are particularly confounding to some, since they don’t even bother to spell out the specialties in the commonly used terms. Not only that, but they are one of the few combined specialties. …

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Women Doctors tend to spend more time with their patients. It is very important that your doctor takes the time to hear you out and answer each and every query you have when you visit the gynecologist as you will have some doubts. It has been studied that female doctors tend to spend more time with patients as compared to their male counterparts. Again this is a …