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There’s nothing like the feeling of trying to have a baby and then seeing a positive sign on the test. Many times, women simply cannot believe that they’re pregnant. That’s why it’s good to go see a reproductive professional as soon as you can. This way, you can confirm your pregnancy and set you mind at ease. Sometimes, women get what’s known as false positive. To stop …

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Specific Things Your Doctor Looks For: When you see your gynecologist for a check-up, there will be certain standard tests done and certain things looked for. He will always do a pap smear, where cells are taken from the cervix for testing to see if there are any abnormalities. This can help detect cervical cancer, or even the predisposition to cervical cancer.

If the receptionist happens to …

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If you are considered “at-risk” it is important that you tell your OB-GYN during that first phone call. In this situation, you should be seen as soon as possible, and you should consider a doctor who specializes in such cases. Some high risks include previous early miscarriage, history of ectopic pregnancy, previous difficulties in carrying a baby to term, and a history of high order multiples.

Specific …

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Choosing an OB/GYN is sometimes a daunting task. After all, this practitioner deals with some of your most private bodily systems, and also screens for potentially deadly diseases. Always find out what doctors on your area have good reputations. You can do this by asking female friends or relatives who live near you, or you can turn to physician rating websites. These will rate doctors based on …

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Physicians around the world must undergo a significant amount of training to become this type of doctor. OB GYN students must get their undergraduate four year degree followed by an additional four year degree at medical school. After this, they must undertake another four years of residency to train in their chosen field. It is not uncommon for the surgeon to then enroll in a further …