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Another aspect you could consider is whether this ob-gyn practices within a group of health professionals or not. Most women prefer this because say your doctor is unavailable for any reason then there are other doctors to oversee your case. Say your ob-gyn is on vacation and your labour starts it could be an issue. Many women prefer the care of a private ob-gyn due to the personalised approach and attention.

What ages should teen girls begin to visit their GYN? Beginning at age eighteen, females should begin to have annual examinations by this specialist, sooner if they are sexually active. Every year, an annual exam should be performed that entails a pelvic exam and a pap test.

If you’re experiencing irregular periods, it may be normal, but it may also be the sign of a serious health issue. A gynecologist doctor can evaluate you, perform an exam, and let you know of any underlying health problems that could be contributing to your irregular cycles.
Should My Periods Be So Irregular?

Most women are already aware of the purpose of a gynecologist doctor, but those who are just entering adulthood may wonder about the purpose of this medical specialty. Often referred to as an OB/GYN, this type of medical professional specializes in women’s health concerns, specifically issues regarding the female reproductive system, breasts, and some issues with the urinary tract. Often these doctors are also obstetricians, hence the OB/GYN title. Obstetricians specialize in the care of pregnant women, delivery of babies, and treatment of fertility issues.

Considering The Best Obstetrician For Your Needs

Getting the best and proper obstetrician for your delivery process, choosing the best doctor will give you the best comfort and convenience of the most prominent process in your life. The best doctor will be able to make you feel comfort in sharing and telling your disease problem. They would provide a variety of information needed in the right and clear way whether it was not requested. They also will be able to be patient to all patients; they will hear all your complaints.


As soon as you become pregnant, it is time to seek out an appointment with a gynecologist doctor. They can begin with confirming the pregnancy and setting up a series of appointments for your care during this time. All tests, including sonograms, will either be taken care of by this MD, or be arranged by them. As the day draws closer, you will see him or her more and more frequently.

Between Exams: Going to see the gynecologist once a year is not all a woman has to do in order to take care of herself and her reproductive organs. If you get your exam once a year, that’s great, but between exams you need to, of course, try to take care of yourself in all the basic ways, and pay attention to your body.

Most women visit a gynecologist doctor annually for a physical exam and overall checkup. This appointment screens for diseases like breast and cervical cancer. These doctors also oversee birth control prescriptions and reproductive health, with the obstetrician aspect taking over when pregnancy is achieved and childbirth nears. While a general practitioner can perform these tasks, the personal nature of the testing and the sensitive areas of the body that are being tested often lend themselves to the hand of a specialist. Many individuals find an OB/GYN to be gentler and also more thorough during these annual tests.

Specializing In Obstetrics & Gynecology Sonography

As said above choosing between a male and a female gynecologist is an important decision to make as you need to be as comfortable during your examinations as possible. When making this decision it is important that you understand the advantages of choosing a male or a female gynecologist. There is no doubt that gynecologists of both sexes are highly competent and caring and so we would advise you to check their background and references as opposed to their sex.

If you have insurance, you can look up the doctors closest to you on your provider’s website. You can usually type in the kind of physician you need, as well as your address, and then receive a list and map of those close to you. This can give you an idea of the doctors near you, but you will not know much about the quality of OBGYN by such a list. However, it is a start, and at least you will know all the physicians listed are covered by your insurance.

Instead of the matter of place, you also need to consider a doctor who has a flexible practice time. You can choose the one that is opened in your spare time so you will not get difficulty in having routine check up. You also need to consider to choose male doctor or female doctor ones. Some people will feel comfort with their same sex or some pregnant mother can be comfortable with all sex variants, whether she is checked by male of female it will not be different for her.

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There is a prevalence of cancer in the US in all forms. Cancers that require a visit to a gynecologic oncologist affect many women every year. Great strides have been made in the treatment options, but early detection is of critical importance. Malignancies are diagnosed in stages. A Stage I diagnosis that has not spread to any other part of the body is much easier to resolve medically than one that has metastasized.

The next step is to find reviews and recommendations about each OBGYN. You can look online to find out what others in your area think of the doctor you have in mind. Many will either rate each practitioner, or provide lots of details about why they like or dislike each one. This will help you find out which ones to consider, and which to avoid.

How should a patient prepare for her annual exam? The ideal time for this regular check up is mid-menstrual cycle. Two weeks before and two weeks after a period is the optimum time frame. It is best to empty one’s bladder before an examination, as well. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for twenty-four hours before the appointment. Vaginal douching should be avoided, as well, as this creates an unnatural and sometimes unhealthy bodily reaction.

On the flip side, if you definitely don’t plan to have additional children, you might want to select a physician whose practice is limited to gynecology so that you won’t have to compete for appointments with timeslots that are taken up delivering babies.

A urine sample confirming your pregnancy will be given at this appointment, and expect to give a urine sample at all subsequent appointments to check for protein and glucose. Your due date will be calculated at this initial appointment, and, unless you have recently undergone one, you will have a pap smear and pelvic exam. For a lot of patients, pre-natal appointments seem too focused on the mother rather than the baby, but keep in mind that at this point in life, you are your baby’s home, and, just as you will certainly child proof your home in anticipation of bringing the baby into it, your body needs to be the safest home it can be for your baby right now.

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Both these two specialties obstetrics and gynecology clumped together because both involve in caring for women. Specialties are the maternal and prenatal care, where management obstetric high-risk pregnancy, as well as family planning and reproductive health, endocrinology, hormones, research on the reproductive system.

What’s the difference between a gynecologist and an OB-GYN? The OB of the latter practitioner stands for obstetrician. An obstetrician is a medical provider who delivers babies. An OB-GYN is a physician who takes care of female reproductive wellness as well as delivering babies. This can be quite convenient for patients in their childbearing years that plan to procreate. For others who are not planning to have children, it may be preferable for them to select a standard gynecologist so that the doc won’t be called away on a regular basis to deliver infants.

A gynecologist doctor is a specialist who takes care of women’s reproductive health from adolescence through old age. While some women choose to have their gynecological health tended to by their general practitioner, others prefer a specialist with a depth of knowledge about female health needs.

Family planning is a field of medicine that assists women and couples with contraception education and preparation for abortion or pregnancy termination. This field may be considered controversial in many states but is an important part of female medicine. Neglecting to offer this aspect of female medical care may undermine a woman’s efforts to take care of her body and drive her to seek illegal or unsafe care.

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